10 YEAR CHALLENGE:Top 10 Trends In To Watch.

This thread took the media by storm! I am now convinced that some changes are divinely orchestrated. Siprosa(sippie),a cousin of mine carried the day.Her 10 year challenge photos sent on the family whatsapp groups brought everything to life. Even my mother’s brother commented like those Indians on facebook : “u r looking very beautiful young lady.”

Her dark skin now a bright yellow. Gone were the days when heavy luhya accent changed my name from Cynthia to synzia. She’s multilingual, well traveled and she says love with a British accent.

I wouldn’t say the same about myself.Still waiting on the God of Abraham to shine on me. I’ve made peace with myself though.

Some time in 2016. We all know that feeling after you watch an inspirational movie or read an amazing book like rich dad poor dad then you suddenly want to be a changed man or woman , for your kings-men and country.

Words like passion, motivation become your forte.So you have a fresh start and wipe off everything clean. Including photos. That happened right before university.So for this hash tag, only a trip down memory lane suffices.


10 years ago when we (yes, si we are a family now and the world is our home?)Memes were primarily used by aliens. Thika Road wasn’t even a highway. Fashion blogging and beard gang wasn’t a thing yet. Selfies were unheard of.

Nyashinski hadn’t started releasing hit singles yet. In fact Patience Ozokwor’s daughter in law, the one she frustrates, hadn’t even gotten a boyfriend yet, let alone getting pregnant.

Instagram was an infant and “Dms” didn’t exist. Vanity was only evolving. Fast. Here, we called this life a race because we were young and impressionable.

The good old days when people knew what to do with themselves when they didn’t have phones to distract them.Men stood in pathways with their boyish grins and youthful suave to help carry heavy loads of merchandise to get a minute with a damsel.

Writing long letters with words like modus operendi and Agnus dei and delivering speeches thought through a million times. If all goes well, they go home oozing machismo.

A decade ago, girls used to eat.This nonsense about calories and body fat were non existent.My granny is not conversant with workouts and she turns 90 in a week. Times when girls were hard to get without necessarily playing hard to get. When curfews and stringent rules safeguarded humanity.


Now we have to come up with special diet to fit society’s mold of perfection.Team thick and petite are the in- thing.10 years on, the worst cruelty men face is in form of blueticks.Oh boy, a heart break.


These days maintaining social media presence is way more vital than family.Nowadays youth can talk back at their parents without fear of the Lord.

I wonder how they sleep at night. Please tell us, how?

The world has become a global village of people struggling with identity and self-esteem issues hiding behind the veil of post threads.Here, people don’t say what they mean and don’t mean what they say. Insecurities are the hallmark of this time.

Then there’s the good side of things. We no longer need to dress up like its Christmas to go to the mall. Having fun everyday is cathartic. I think love has grown.


People share passwords and phone patterns nowadays. Closely knit friendships exist in the name of fam : where people want to be there to see each other triumph. like the other day when my friend had won an award In absent, but his boys were there so one of them went to receive it. The thank-you speech went something like this:

“I am not Andy, but Andy is a winner!”

“Everyone say a winner!”

And the crowd would chorus,

“ a winner!”

Obviously driven by his fanatical enthusiasm. Now he runs the MC streets.

Gone are the days when going to church was a sport. From leafing through a million hymn pages and eyelids weighing a tone as the choir belt out Ave Maria.

Now we don’t have to wait for the man of cloth and sunday to take us to His presence. Broken glass ceilings, reduced chivalry. Triumphs of equality. Finding voices without realizing it happens.

We’re not in the best place yet. Not even close.But it could be worse. Years on, however different,I hope we’ll still be here.

For now, all hail gallant human beings who write good music and books, lacing them with sarcasm and dark humor.Here’s to the kings and queens of memes who make our ribs crack. And we readers and writers who find solace in art after the everyday craze of grinding and thinking about the future.

Cheers to the now. To being silly and witty and understanding the true essence of life is in living with purpose.Knowing that happiness is an inside job.Rebooting to factory settings when need be, with optimism and being okay with a fresh start,even though we sound like cryptic to our parents.


Its not all about the 10-year challenge. Ten years from now, I reckon, to spend energies on the things we love, have a good time with friends and family, be humane and go where the universe will take us(am I a romantic or what?)

Featured Image: Model: Zander Musiq

Photography: The Travellers

Noel Cynthia

I believe in living a poetic life, an art full life. Everything we do from the way we talk,read,write,to the way we welcome our friends is part of a large canvas we are creating.

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