Dear A.M.S Team,

Hope you are all doing fine. Since the last time I attended your annual African Maths initiative boot-camp I have gained  a lot of insights and change of attitude towards Math.

I don’t know how much to appreciate the efforts you have done in changing the lives of young Africans in the continent. I’m a living testimony of your good deeds.


Never thought I would have a different attitude and opinion towards Math. During my years in high-school I always thought Math was a punishment for kids in this generation. Little did I know that Math had a whole new dimension and could also be fun and interactive.

How did I come to attend the African Maths initiative Camp? Well, lets just say It was just a blessing in disguise. I felt inspired by my parents to attend because my grades dipped drastically and almost lost hope in it. I was contemplating whether I should go or not?  Well, better trying than not doing.

First day, everything was the opposite of things I imagined in mind. With many puzzles and mind jogging exercises I was not able to fathom out the riddles and logic questions. I got to see instructors who were Whites, which motivated me a lot. It was a whole new learning experience from what I was used to.

The best classes were usually when we were taught statistics by running simulations using computers. It was fascinating when I could see various predicted model simulations could run under high detailed graphics. Intriguing as it may seem, I remember also predicting the outcomes of  various basketball NBA Games using real time data.


Best of last

But the most cherished moments was interacting and meeting new people from different walks of life with similar interests in life. Although short lived , memories still linger in my mind.

From this thrilling experience I must say “Thank you in all ways”. It has inspired me to become a Business Intelligence analyst since I fell in love with data.

Above all!

All in all, anyone reading this letter,  African Maths initiative boot-camp is the best place to be and experience  a new angle of learning.


I will forever be an ambassador and evangelist of your good works.  Keep on changing the lives of young people of Africa. God bless your deeds.

Yours Truly, Anonymous

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