Are You Happy? Here’s What No One Tells You!

Let me throw a question your way. Are you happy?

Or rather, are you truly happy?

Hold on, hold on. Don’t blurt out the answer. I want you to pause for a moment, think.

Let’s Talk, Are You Happy?

Why is it that a people that appear happy on insta stories as they post their best lives is the same people battling depression and at its worst, result to taking our God-given lives and robbing our families of the warm, radiant smiles (that they fondly remember after you are no more)?

You can’t make this stuff up, and statistics are there to back it up.

According to World Health Organization: close to 800,000 people die due to suicide every year, which is one person every 40 seconds! Yes, you read that right.    

Suicide is the second leading cause of death among 15-29 year olds globally. 

I have made it a habit of asking my friends randomly during conversations: “Are you happy?” and I watch them as they get uneasy. One of them asked me: what do you mean? I mean just that, “are you happy?” Funny enough, I honestly don’t know if am happy or not.

Oh, I’m not kidding.

Do you ever have that intrinsic feeling where you feel like you need to do more and whatever you’re doing is not enough? Oh yes, I always do. I often feel I have too much to accomplish and no matter what I accomplish, I am not there yet. But do we ever get ‘there’?

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What is there when we get ‘there’? Do we become happy or do we find some other giant to kill?

Many at times we are restless, pushing towards closing that business deal. We ignore ourselves and we don’t relent until we have that deal tied up. We tell ourselves, once this is over, I’ll be happy.

But as soon as you have that deal or win that client, you don’t stop. Or do you? You find another deal to chase. So, do we ever stop?

So is happiness contentment?

Is it a state, sense or feeling, is it a process?

What does it really mean to be happy?

This is a shout-out to all those people trying out there. They are our friends, our colleagues and our parents.

It is you and me.

Keep hanging in there. Do your best. Celebrate your little victories.

You matter. Be happy.

Because does it ever end? Does it ever stop?

Food For Thought!

I am not knowledgeable on this subject, in fact I don’t even write! You tell me, are you happy and what is happiness?

I just hope that when you’re grey and old, your eyes will light up at the memories!

Original concept inspired by Moses Kiti Saitoti.

Stephen Okwemba

Life enthusiast, creative and passionate on life lessons.

31 comments on “Are You Happy? Here’s What No One Tells You!

  • Ezra

    Exquisite !
    Happiness is a choice . You need to always cherish each and every moment of your life .Everyone should invest in happiness .

  • Emmanuel Munene

    1st comment🎉🎉😝😝(never happened before). Anyway, this is a nice piece. I feel like happiness is a choice since I don’t think we ever get “there”.

  • Mariam Mbodze

    Am I happy? Wait…. Mariam are you happy?Mahn this stuff is hot…. Great work Okwemba ft Saitoti, salute 👏

  • Temko

    Our pursuit for life shouldn’t really be happiness. .rather joy …joy goes on and on …and gives us fullfillment ..let’s go chase it

  • Susan Sindani

    This is a great piece✌️☺️. Quite mind waking.
    Please follow back

  • Mutuku Muasya

    Am I happy? Yeah, I am happy to read this! It offers some insight on how we can do this life happier because surely, this train will never stop. It keeps hurtling down.

  • Njeri Ochieng

    Am happy ? Good question? I’ll take tea as I think through this one 😂


  • AffiliateLabz

    Great content! Super high-quality! Keep it up! 🙂

  • Taller

    Magnifico… never really thought about this before, thanks for the awarenesses bruv!

  • Ella

    This was a deviation from most of the reads but worth every word. Sometimes the harsh truth is a necessity less we forget the very reason we are alive and living while we are alive.
    This is a good one

  • Mutwiri Irene

    I’m always smiling alright. But I am not always happy. And it’s so sad that most of our ‘friends’ can’t even tell the difference between me being genuinely happy or just trying to complete a look with a smile. Nice piece Okwemba.

  • Eric

    I think happy is something that requires some metabolic chemical(dopamine) which is really not something controllable(comes in moments) So I’d say sometimes I’m happy. But if asked are you at peace? Then I’d say most of the times I am. Or atleast I try to be. I think peace is more of a realistic constant feeling than happy.

  • Muli

    Had me thinking… If I don’t know what happiness is, do I even have a clue of what sadness is?? I mean to know sweet, you need to have an idea of what sour or bitter is. My two cents😊.

  • Vivianne

    An intriguing and interesting piece🔥

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