Depression Among Kenyans: My Unpopular Opinion.

Bad days? Is Depression Among Kenyans Still Relevant? .

Having a bad day, feeling exhausted and utterly overwhelmed?

Knock, knock…

Who’s there?


Clarifications On Depression Among Kenyans

I’d like to think of depression as an alias name for excess worry, stress and generally having a few bad days and if not handled well, living a life of sadness and anxiety.

I want you to relate. Many people tend to think that they have never been depressed at all. It comes dressed in happy colors and hides behind that ear to ear smile your colleague wears yet she or he has self-esteem issues.

It lingers on the young lady or man who always acts like he has it all figured out to the extent of holding other people’s lives together.

It is part of that beauty who always gives but never asks for help because she or he doesn’t want to be thought of as weak.

One can have a physically perfect life; a budding career, loving family, financial stability and all the niceties but still have episodes of depression.

Though this topic is controversial, it is evident that people concentrate more on the external than internal causes of depression among Kenyans.

The different facades of depression above show how depression has more to do with you than with the things around you.

The mind is a powerful tool which if not taken care off can breed unhappiness. The good book says as a man “thinketh” so is he.

We will deal with the elephant in the room. You.

What is really Depression?

Depression is a psychological condition. As blatant as it may sound, you may be the reason why you are depressed. I will tell you why. One: The Scarcity mentality.

The tendency of man to think that life is only unfair to him. Maybe you spend so much time thinking of how life is not working out that you fail to appreciate the small joys in life.

You wake up and throw yourself a pity party and complain about the sky not being blue, and an egg being round. Your mind has been fed with so much negativity that you forget what happy and gratitude feels like.

Say waking up, having a sane mind and friends that don’t call your name with an accent. You take life so seriously. Excuse you? Please give yourself a break.

Yes, you. Breathe. You alone have the power to go through this. Can you choose the brighter side often? At least you’re here, you love avocados like normal human beings do and you’re breathing.

We are all in this together. People have major issues, packaged differently so don’t be hard on yourself.

Too many choices.

You have too many choices. Overthinking is a major cause of depression. If It takes you hours to choose between two colors or the whole week thinking of the pair of shoes you will wear to church, red flag, how long does it take you to think about the future? A year? That is the stressful cycle that comes with overthinking.

Overthinking makes our minds busy but unproductive. It interferes with problem solving because it often veers you off from dealing with situations the way you should.

Comparing yourself to others.

You are comparing your life with others. Social media addict much? If you can’t do without social media for half a day and you spend your time keeping up with other people’s lives than yours, that’s a red flag.

When social media is your solution of dealing with sadness and loneliness, you’ve signed up for depression. Why? It gives you an illusion of perfect and makes you feel inadequate.

Binging on videos of happy couples and the coolest kids on the block will not help you deal with situations that you need to face head on.


Hello perfectionist.

Aiming for excellence and perfection is great, but excess perfectionism can also lead to severe depression. It is okay to love your house all white and looking pristine.

It is okay if you prefer all your shoes facing right and to pronounce school as school and not school. But if the thought of your sister’s walls painted yellow keeps you up at night and failing spelling bee makes you rain down on the whole household with cries and tantrums? There’s a problem.

Excess perfectionism can render important areas of your life dysfunctional. It can lead to workaholic triggers and obsessive-compulsive disorder, which are triggers of depression.

Accepting that flaws and failures are not a complete reflection of your worth is the game changer. Being graceful enough with yourself when you are flawed will go along way in avoiding depressive episodes.

Relax and enjoy learning from imperfections. Sometimes that is what it takes to make the best decisions.

What I wish someone told me.

Depression among Kenyans is real. It is a Goliath that needs to be dealt with. This is what you need to know; you can deal with it. You have the power to conquer it.

The battle is in the mind. Love yourself more. Laugh a little more. Be authentic with yourself. Paint the sky yellow. Be present. You might as well make the most of today because, today is all you’ve got.

See the good side of life.

Quick Tips.

Feeling overwhelmed? Rest. Stressed about not being productive? Work smarter. Scared about your weight? Work out. Less stressing, more learning, loving and doing.

Noel Cynthia

I believe in living a poetic life, an art full life. Everything we do from the way we talk,read,write,to the way we welcome our friends is part of a large canvas we are creating.

11 comments on “Depression Among Kenyans: My Unpopular Opinion.

  • Amos Tank

    For sure depression is a Goliath that needs to be dealt with.
    Solomonic writing here.

  • Annet Kithaka

    The sad story of depression😳Thanks for the eyeopener concerning excess perfectionism

  • Wahu

    What a great piece!!

  • Njeri Ochieng

    Beautiful and true

  • Noel Cynthia

    Relatable. I think it’s partly ignorance and denial. But it sure is something that needs to be dealt with.

  • Dadson

    I like how you point at issues realistically without any coating.Your posts are also educative and factual.Keep up.

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