Nano-technology is on the rise in medical research. Such include use of very small robots known as nanobots to administer drugs. In the recent years, scientists are testing ferrofluids, a type of nano-particle, as a cancer treatment method.

What is ferrofluid exactly? Ferrofluid is a magnetic liquid-like substance that becomes highly magnetized in the presence of a magnet. When passed over a magnetic field, it forms spikes.

There are components that make up a ferrofluid; a magnetic nano-particle like , iron oxide, a component that keep these magnetic components from clumping together and finally an oil-based liquid. learn how to make a ferrofluid here.

Cancer treatment in Kenya
Ferrofluid when magnetized.

Steve Papell, a NASA scientist, used it as an additive to rocket fuel to power space rockets.


Medical body scanners use this fluid for contrast during medical examinations. This helps to differentiate different parts of the body in the imaging result. Let us focus on its use in cancer treatment. This is still a concept and is in research.

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Research has been going to introduce ferrofluid in cancer treatment. It has been proposed to be used in  hyperthermia therapy .

This magnetic field will be alternating hence constantly magnetizing and demagnetizing the fluid. This process will make it to generate heat. This heat therefore kills the cancer cells leaving the healthy cell intact.

The delivery of cancer drugs can also be simplified by adding the ferrofluid  to the drugs.

This will not only help the cancer drugs to attack the cancer cells but also leave the healthy cells intact. Furthermore this will help us achieve the full chemotherapy effect of the drugs.

Cancer treatment in Kenya
Nanoparticles destroying cancer cells.


What about the healthy cells? what about the multiple cancers known as metastasized cancer? Researchers have placed more emphasis on these two. They may seem so simple but pose undocumented side effects.


Its very promising but pharmaceutical companies must take interest in this in order for it to work. Just imagine having to treat cancer without going through surgery or radiotherapy.


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