Gone are the days
The days when people begged
Begged to be valued
Just to be loved
Begged to be understood

Gone are the days
When people shed tears
Just because they were not recognized
Gone are the days.

These are the days
The days where we choose what we want for us
Where we choose
To love or hate
To understand or not
And we choose to care or not
Where we choose to live or die, to be rich or poor
Where we choose to like or dislike, to trust or not.

These are the days where there is no
Faith in faithful
Peace in peaceful
Hope in hopeful
Joy in joyful
Happy in happiness
Trust in trustworthy
Life is just empty
No life in life

Then I think we need to choose
Choose to love
Even if they hate you back
Choose to care
Even they don’t care

Choose to understand them
Even if they don’t understand you
Wish them even if they don’t
Smile at them even if they frown back at you
Ask them their whereabouts
Even if they won’t reply back

You did your part
Just do your thing
Don’t mind about their thing

When you are kind to them
They will think that you are desperate
And maybe can’t do without them
They will think that your life is glued to them
Then they despise you

They will:
Take you for granted
Trash treat you
They will say
How ugly you are
How desperate you are
And how they got you
Got you out of their lives
And how that improved their ego and attitude
To greater altitudes

But they don’t know either
You didn’t even want them
You were just being nice
Only being nice
You were just doing your thing
Of appreciating them

Because you have a golden heart in you
Just let them be
In other words
If they want to go
Let them go

Remember its a matter of choice
They choose to hate
You choose to love

Just be real to yourself
Help them even if they won’t help back
Just let them be
And don’t beg them to be good to you
Always prove them wrong

Because gone are the days
When we lived to make others happy
BUT now
Now we live for ourselves



mtemi jr

Poet, song writer, rapper and can sing so well too. My driving philosophy: "No harm in risking because the greatest harm is to not risk at all".

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