What  if someone told the black girl that beauty is not color? Beauty is not thin pink lips. To be beautiful is not about a flat tummy with a non protruding navel, neither do blue eyes nor smooth long hair define beauty.


Beauty is a mindset and not a handset of what the media,movies and the world told us. The world lied. It is the world which told my late granny, that to be black is to be a slave and forever backward.

The chain followed, my exquisite mama was told no black race is brilliant instead it is full of poverty and dullness. And now, the same world echoing the same missive tells me I am inferior and not good enough.

However, I know I am the paragon of beauty. I am the mother nature, I am the mirror of Africa.

Hey black girl , our rubies were hidden in the sand. I am a talisman of how magnificent and opulent the black girl is. Black girl, your palatial is your charm. Your wide hips, your plump and large lips.

Your hard fabric hair, your bulbous nose and your rotund body is the beauty that was gracefully bestowed to us by God.

Hail black girl! The world is yet to see a magnificent, pulchritudinous and dazzling creature like the black girl’s figure!


I know they said black is a sign of bad omen. In addition, that melanin is a curse. I remember they always secluded me from family photos because I was and still black.

Besides, as I hark back to my childhood games they would assign me to play the demon, the dog, the witch, or the thief because I was the most black of them all.

Furthermore, as I recall, boys in my class would always make fun of my color and would say “no man will marry a negro like you!”. Additionally, my friends would go for parties without me simply because of my conspicuous melanin.

Recently, I missed a journalism job because ‘I am black.’ One of the panel interviewers said “You are brilliant but am afraid this profession needs less melanated jewels.”

Black girl, the world will want you to be anything you are not. That is the reason they opine you bleach that skin. That is why billboards only have light skinned models.

Consequently, the music industry is full of brown skins. Clearly, where is the place of the black girl in this age? Gone are the antediluvian days where ‘melanin poppin’ was the slogan.

Nowadays, the black girl hates herself and is afraid of her own skin and at times wishes to run away from it. She is exposing herself to skin cancer and other infections in the name of wanting to ‘remove tint’.

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Although it took me long to get the gist of it all, I do not look forward to return to the self degradation that I bestowed upon myself. I know I am incredible and authentic.

I do not have to spend money to earn the color of Beyonce or Zari.

My black color is gold. I cannot trade it with a fake perception of what people refer to as beauty. Also, I don’t need to hold my lips in for them to look like Rihanna’s.

Moreover, neither do I need to shape my nose to be like that of Kim Kardashian West.

As long as the nose is performing its purpose- breathing, that is the hallmark of it. I don’t need to hide behind my skin just because the world want to see light skin only.

Hail black girl, let that melanin poppin! Walk head held high, after all, you are a goddess. You are the beauty even the sun can’t stand!

God created us to be the mother nature! Our melanin is what every folk needs to be protected from the harsh rays of the sun. Yet, they are quick to say, ‘melanin is ugly.’

The foundation of the ground that gives all life food is made of black.

Vividly speaking, the night sky is made of black. It is the blackness in the night that immerse sound and great sleep to us all.

Still disputing black is the mother nature? In a nut shell, God Himself with all his might used a black raven to feed his great prophet Elijah in the wilderness.

Black girl, you are all the greatness the universe is waiting in earnest eagerness.

The beauty of the black girl child cannot be overlooked.

No eye has seen, no ear has heard and no mind has perceived what God has in store for the precious black girl.

Hail black girl, you are beautiful!!!

Mariam Mbodze

A lassie in the modern world, yet I got a missive from the ages... Silent thoughts make me yonder. Hey... Black girl talks, Mariam talks!