Humanity Speaks:Understanding The Background

Humanity Speaks
In a world where love is traded away for money,
And free will is traded away for fake happiness,
The glamour of my beauty hidden behind closed doors in cold hearts,
The glare that was once there on the face of the earth has now dimmed away,

Darkness has now overtook many lands under the heavens,
For even when the sun rises, darkness still follows behind,
Look closely where there is light, there still is a shadow,
Hollow hearts in the eyes of affliction,
Bodies controlled by works of addiction,

Man has pierced his heart by his own misdeeds,
For I have become like the beauty of the fields,
It vanishes – vanishes like smoke,

With each generation coming up with new evil,
Like darkness dawning in each morning,
Or maybe its still the old deeds of the older men,

For there is nothing new under the sun,
The wellsprings of men’s hearts drying up like tears on a cracked face,
Choosing to hide much pain in their chains,
Showing up strong faces and devious smiles on the outside,
Putting on fake masks that hide their authentic beauty,
But weak and vulnerable on the inside like an egg in the hands of a staggering man,
Glorifying money, a mere servant of man,

Now I have become like a forgotten treasure,
Buried deep in the hearts of men,

Unable to separate the seeds from the weeds,
Like a wild flower growing in between thorns and rocks,
Losing its agility to grow and thrive in this dark room,
So have I become on the face of the earth,
See I and the truth are inseparable,
Like a mother’s bond to a child our link is unbreakable,

I sip my existence from the truth for from it I am born,
My mother’s beauty is indefinable, its clothed in royalty,
It shines even brighter than the sun,

Kings of nations and noble princes have established and ruled kingdoms by her help,
With her beauty I am born and serve as she does,
But man has trumped us nearly to ashes,

Though I lack a place in the hearts of men because of their misdeeds,
The beauty of truth shall reign forever,

Humanity speaks,

Generations come and go but the truth shall remain unchanged,
Man tries to throw shade at her,
But her light cannot be overcome,
To those that accept her, I am conceived and I am known by my deeds,



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