Let’s KEEP IT 159

Show me the limits, I wanna go there

Eliud Kipchoge

 Two weeks back, our very own Kenyan blood did that which was termed as  ‘humanly impossible’. Eliud Kipchoge ran a 42km marathon and kept it 159. He did it in 1.59.40 hrs to be specific. .The word you’re looking for is proud. As a country and a citizen, you can walk anywhere around the globe head held high because it’s a Kenyan’s name inscribed in the books of history.

But like all humans, we easily forget; I’ll take you back to INEOS 159…

What we were shown (INEOS159)

For us, no human is limited was the mantra, a fellow countryman challenging the human odds. We associated the distance with running from Thika Town center to Nairobi Town Center in sub 2 hrs! Living in a city where it takes you a whole damn hour just moving from ‘Ngara’ to the CBD this was going to be a miracle and the stage was Vienna. Yes, if you will equate this to seeing the man turn water into wine, please do so.

We were all glued to the different screens and once again a sense of nationalism was restored. For starters, Safaricom having promised to give free 1590MB just to witness this historic moment did deliver. Let’s not bring Arsenal into this topic, please.

As the race started, some complained of how there was no Kenyan branding at the starting line. Don’t we just love complaining as Kenyans, Kipchoge himself was the damn brand. Feel me? If you thought two hours was a lot of time, then you haven’t sat in a 3 hr lecture, jolting down what might seem as helpful notes but deep down it’s just a strategy of passing time. Trust me when I say three hours seem an impossible time to complete 42 km leave alone two hours, that time passes like the wind. Calling Kipchoge ‘wind-bender’ will be in order but I shall not slander a hero’s name like that.


All heroes don’t wear capes

As he thumped his chest keeping it at 159, the country roared! YoutTube did burst with congratulatory messages, heck all social media platforms did. In his own words, we went to the moon and back!

Our hero had done it and we wanted t to celebrate it in style. Some drinks went for Ksh.159 instead of the usual Ksh.200 or more. On average, a bottle of water goes for Ksh.145. Turned water into wine remember? Tickets that did sell at Ksh.2000 went for Ksh.1590. This is to mention but a few products for everyone jumped at the 159. Uber, freaking uber rides and Taxify had a promotion at past 1:59 where rides were free. This man is not superman to his wife alone, just try and ask around.

Eliud Kipchoge Day

In his head, I’m sure all he had in mind was to run and show that indeed no human is limited. We were not yet content, because come on, in our country unless you have an informed network, all these goodies could have passed you by. We demanded for an Eliud Kipchoge day. 10th October having been Moi Day, 12th Oct seemed impossible a date. So, Kenyans went ahead to suggest his birthday 5th November be a holiday. Indeed, no human is limited. This might not come to pass but you can be sure citizens will keep it 159.


20th October at the Mashujaa Day, the world record holder in the marathon 2:01:39, was awarded the second highest accolade on the land. Eliud Kipchoge EGH is what he is called now. The Kapsisiywa born ain’t your simple local man no more, yet so humble and down to earth. What better birthday gift than being accorded Elder of the Order of the Golden Heart for his troubles by the President himself! Now, for those countrymen who look for people during their birthdays, hope you see how it’s done.


The big question here is, did ours truly (yes, he’s ours) storm right into the books of history in Vienna or into his wife’s arms? I’ll leave you to ponder over it.

Again, from myself and the Karavic family to E.G.H Eliud Kipchoge, we cannot tire to say congratulations for showing us the direction to the limits and guiding us through the obstacles in our minds.

Stephen Okwemba

Life enthusiast, creative and passionate on life lessons.

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  • Emmanuel Misiati

    A memorable event well recounted.
    No limits.

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    I love the piece – let’s keep it 159🇰🇪

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    Ngwova, seems like you’re in love… Lovely PIECE! (Ian and Mercy 👻)

  • Lukas Mshote

    Ahaha! One of our own turned water into wine. Nice one!

  • Philip

    This is sublime… I mean.. Wow!.. Magnificent piece

  • Philip

    And it is 1:59 peeps.. 159 EAT..
    This article is just breathe taking

  • Mariam Mbodze

    So insightful and informative, thank you for putting this down on paper 💯💯Great work Steve 👌

  • Stella

    Amazing piece.💯.. keep it 159🔥

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    wow great piece

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