We go through hustle and fustle
Looking at the closed doors
Avoiding other ope doors
Just because of love addiction

Affection is addictive
It inflicts you with a lot of pain
I won’t deny it

Sometimes it gives you happiness and joy
Thus it makes you feel like you are high on something
Takes you to the moon and back
It leaves you desperate
And the heart yearning for more
Love in it’s own is an addiction

I hate to love
Because when ido
I don’t get the reciprocation
I hate to love
Because when i do
I end up in pieces
And to collect back to pieces
To be in one piece
And to get my peace

It will take tears and sleepless nights
Trying to figure out what…
What to do
Hence it is an addiction

Maybe I’ll be wrong to say
Love controls the world
Because where there is love
Pain will not be afflicted
Where there is love
No heart breaks

Where there is love
People love the humanity
Where here is love
Things never go wrong
Also if for they go , they never get out of hand
Where there is love
Everything seems to be out of this world.

But where love lacks
Hatred takes over
Wars are created
People are killed
People are raped
Blood is shed
People don’t care about each other
It is a series of pain

Then it seems hatred is expensive
It will cost even lives
Even if i hate to love
I would rather love
Than hate
Or live without any of them
I guess it would be a nice feeling off
To have no feeling at all

I will avoid the addiction
And the cost of rehabilitation
And all the heartbreaks
They are too exhausting
All this is to avoid the love addiction

I will learn to let go
Let go with a good heart
Those who don’t value me
And instead value those who value me
Moreover, why waste time

On people who don’t need need your time
Unless you are a love donor
All this is to avid the love addiction
Because it kills, like any other addiction
If it won’t kill you, it will build you.



mtemi jr

Poet, song writer, rapper and can sing so well too. My driving philosophy: "No harm in risking because the greatest harm is to not risk at all".

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