You probably know this already, but the year is 2019. The year we all thought would be our year. Same year I fell in love with local music productions. Who would have thought? I mean we have really good music being produced right here in Africa. I am talking about Karun, Aya Nakamura, Seyi Shay, PHY, Nonso Amadi. And of course, my one and only, Burna Boy. This is not an infatuation, Burna Boy. This is true love. Furthermore, I will not mind your past. Kindly come with your hirsute arms and heavenly voice. I could use that voice as my alarm for the rest of my life.

It is also the year that sees Alvin Mwaniki rise to fame. Dude gets retweets and likes on twitter. What is the requirement, twitter people? Like seriously. I want to know. Alvin Mwaniki aka Pappi Fressco is my classmate. No, for real, he is. Sore loser and irritating winner when it comes to poker. Knows how to handle his pawns well while playing chess. He is also a photographer. Find his work here

Anyway, 2019 has been a year full of lessons. I wouldn’t say it has been hard, because I am tougher. The storms came, threatened to capsize the ship. At some point, I had given up and was waiting for the end, but it did not come. A little water trickled in, but we turned out just fine. A penny for my thoughts, thank you penny much.


Always go into a matatu with the exact amount you are supposed to pay as fare. It is to your advantage.

It is okay to want to become rich overnight. However, you will learn that it is not possible. Because you will lose two thousand shillings worth of money due to this greedy drive. Your lesson will come in the name of AIM global. Scammers, those guys.

Times will come when your phone will blow up with texts. Other times, you will use the same phone as a mere watch. It is not that people will have forgotten you. They are probably busy. So get busy too. Find a hobby. Meet people. Get a mentor. Create a brand and stick to the course.

Listen to your elder sister when she says you should put your phone in your bag and not your side pocket because it will fall. And when it falls, it will land on a hard surface screen first. The screen guard will not be able to contain the pressure. It will give way and look like blueprints a spider used to build its web. The agony.


Brush your teeth before dressing up.  Especially when you want to rock some chiffon. Because the universe is a sarcastic fellow, the stain might fall near your breast area. And we don’t want people thinking that we are breastfeeding when we aren’t, now do we?

Congratulate people more often. Affirm them. And call them by name when addressing them. People love that. It tells them you see them. When conversing with someone, find something you both have in common and talk about it. That never fails in making one a great conversationalist. If you cannot find anything you have in common, then you are probably in the wrong room.

Read Biko’s work. His work is bridled with so much wisdom. And his style will leak into your language. Read. Read. After  that, read again. Read local authors. Read the international ones. Learn about medicine. Find out what an FMRI is. Study IT. Discover places through books. Knowledge is power. Besides, it feels good to win arguments that are argued out intellectually.

People will not always be loyal. Call them mercenaries, it is fine. Forgive them. That puts you in a powerful place. A place called freedom.

Be careful with your choice of words. Don’t rub your opinion on people’s faces. Don’t walk into someone watching a movie and say;”I have watched that movie before, those characters will get trapped in the snow. It is kind of boring.” Let them decide that the movie is boring.

Stay away from people who possess negative energy. They will exhaust you emotionally. When you feel like you are an emotional wreck, offload the wagon first. Face your emotions and deal with them. Strive to be composed. Most importantly, don’t let these emotions take over you. Shouting does not mean that they hear you better.

Folks, it has been awesome. Thank you for reading our pieces. We are now taking an annual break. The website needs to get a little revamped. Furthermore, I think the authors are facing a serious burn out. Deadlines are becoming our worst fears. Perhaps the break will change that.

Happy holidays from Karavic.


mercy bor

Mercy Bor is a student pursuing a Bachelors degree in Commerce at the University of Nairobi, an avid reader of books and a sarcasm enthusiast. EMAIL:

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  • Cherono Naumi

    Wow,the part about carrying exact fare..and brushing your teeth before rocking a chiffon .💯💯Great read. 👏👏

  • Tank

    2020 will be greater.

  • Ian

    Rough seas make good sailors!
    2019 was great i see😂👊🏽

  • Mariam Mbodze

    I wouldn’t say less, great insights ✔️

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