Peculiar Eyes:I Can’t Help But Fall In Love With.

Looking out the window, I saw beauty and froze. Scratch that, I beheld beauty. And boy was it a sight for sore peculiar eyes. On defrosting, I felt like shouting out.

‘Now that I have seen beauty in its most magnificent form, I have no qualms going blind. Take it away for what else is left to see?’

But did my brain cells and mouth coordinate in this exercise? Of course not! Curious onlookers would have labelled me an abuser of one drug or the other. I would be left with egg on my face. And egg in any state (rotten or freshly laid) is bad news for your face.

However, if you are into natural skin care, I hear the latter is worth checking out.

I should have gone ahead with the shouting and had the chance to see where it would have gone. The breeze would have become cooler, the trees swaying in slow motion and the sun not too hot. I am trying to create a tranquil scene here.

Maybe, just maybe, it would have been love at first shout through a second story window.

This is a ‘prose sonnet’ of maybes. So maybe, just maybe, bear with me if you do not mind. (invokes puppy dog eyes or kitten eyes or maybe both depending on your preference)


Maybe I should have stopped her right there on the once tarmacked path and declared my heart’s desire.

‘May I have this dance?’

Never mind there is a special corner in heaven, far away from king David, for people like me who can not dance. Heck, maybe, just maybe God would say I am a man out to give him a heart attack if he ever saw me dance.

‘Where is the music?’

And maybe, just maybe, the well rehearsed word would leave my mouth in the perfect intonation.

The music is in your peculiar eyes

Then maybe, just maybe, she would have flashed an adorable smile and given me that dance. In my mind, Murphy’s law had no place in this situation. But in reality, a lot of things could go wrong.

For instance, the dreaded no could be uttered or my brain would become a vegetable. Maybe, this would have ruined love at first dance.

I should have thrown all caution to the wind. I should have stopped waiting for the clearest of signs from my ancestors. Or for the stars to align themselves in a heart formation to know that the moment was right.

I should have gone ahead and sang

‘Would you let meeee, see beneath your beautiful

Take it off now, take it off now

I wanna seeeee’

I would either have shattered her eardrums or shattered all her defenses. Ceteris peribus, I am going with knocking down walls.

Then maybe, just maybe, she would have taken off her glasses and let me see those beautiful peculiar eyes. It would have love at first (or highest) note for her and love at first sight for me.

All You Need To Know About Peculiar eyes.

PS: in order to meet my word quota, I will let you in on a theory I have been working on. I believe that ladies who use glasses are some form of Cyclops (Marvel).

Those glasses not only help them see better but also prevent them from taking over the world. Their glances can hypnotize while their stares can melt hearts and fry brains.

I am infatuated with bespectacled damsels.

One day, we shall see beneath those lenses and stare deep into those mysterious souls.

Lukos Maximus Enigma out.


Photography: Beautiful power couple of Okwemba and Wahu.

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  • Soup-u

    You go boy!

  • Elvis

    Superb bro 🔥

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  • Alvin

    Bro hii stuff ni kali…
    Alafu credits unaacha photographer nje aje? Haha.
    Anyway kazi safi sana…

  • shem lukoye Author

    Thanks a lot man. I’m sorry about the oversight on photo credits.

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