Being Petite: I Will Tell You The Truth In The Next 60 Seconds

Hey, you! Yes, you.. They say you are petite; as thin as a beanpole and you need to eat six times a day.

They opine you need to take more calories. Voices left, right and center saying they need that bulbous bippy, they need those chubby cheeks.

Probably, you get pressures from your friends, opposite sex mates and your better half that you’re not thick enough, you’re not rotund to fit on the pants you are wearing.

They keep measuring your height and jokingly point out how short you are. The power in their demeanor is so strong that it tears you apart. You see yourself a walking dwarf skeleton, a scraggy and scrawny lass.

Eventually, feeling grotesque, unattractive and ugly.

Now, you get to understand you are fanciable and adorable. It is charming and cute to be petite. Perfectly okay not to have that buxom .You are still gorgeous and you don’t have to be roly-poly and well upholstered to feel beautiful.

It is perfectly glamorous not to be tall, leggy and big. Being dainty is lovely and sweet.

What does it mean to be petite? It doesn’t mean you are tiny, lean, dwarf or small-bodied. I’m talking of any lady 5-4 feet, 1 meter 60 cm and below. It means you are smaller, shorter but with a normal size.

A petite woman/ lady/ lass is one that is attractively small and gracefully slender. Petite is associated with ladies who are extremely beauteous, exquisite and fine. Ladies who don’t have to worry about fat arms and shameful morbidly obese bodies.

The beauty that keeps one young and youthful.

Petite is pretty and pretty cute. Being petite means aging in years but retaining the juvenile physique. To be petite is advantageous. Are you petite? Feel the glee.

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What causes one to be petite ;in depth? More often than not, being petite is biological. Having a mother who is short and slender may result to a petite child. It is more likely when both parents are shorter.

Secondly, loss of weight can result to being petite. This is as a result of excess burning of calories in the body and over consumption of body fat through profligacy vigorous activities, starving and lots of stress.

In addition, some clothes can make one look petite, for example, short dresses, vertically striped pants with body con long sleeved pull neck blouses, just to mention. Ladies look more diminutive with certain hairstyles like cornrows and ponytail hairstyles.

How to dress a petite body.

Everyone got to savvy what works for them when it comes to dressing. Don’t be comatose about your body size and shape. Dress to kill as a dainty lass. Look for clothes that do not exaggerate your pint-size elfin petite structure.

If you are petite, identify with the small body structure you have. Is it the hourglass type, rectangular shaped, inverted triangular shaped, pear body type or apple bodied type?

  1. Wear heels to just add a little height on you. Heeled shoes make dainty ladies taller and smart, adorable for that matter.
  2. Maxi, flow length dresses, they tend to lengthen your height.
  3. Jeans that are exactly the size of the length of the leg
  4. Put on long similar colored jumpsuits.
  5. In case you wear a different colored attire, make sure you shift the waistline up to lengthen your legs or down to lengthen your top height.
  6. Horizontally stripped clothes make your structure bigger.
  7. Tuck in large sized shirts, this increases the size of your body.
  8. Put on a blazer anytime you wear a sleeveless top or dress.
  9. Long tight skirts tend to increase your size.
  10. Avoid shaving your hair, always braid or style your hair to a long look.

In a nut shell, love your body and never feel intimidated. You are a cute petite darling!

Mariam Mbodze

A lassie in the modern world, yet I got a missive from the ages... Silent thoughts make me yonder. Hey... Black girl talks, Mariam talks!

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    This is so educative.

    • Mariam Mbodze Author

      Thank you๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’๐Ÿ’, I second you, it’s high time we appreciate everyone the way they are, otherwise we won’t recognize the unique spark of beauty on people.

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    Insightful…. i hated the word petite -used yo feel like i was being attacked or sth, but from what i see here,,, I am informed… Now i can walk head held high and feel complemented each time they call me petite, I loved it

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