Puppy Love And Where It All Began For Real!!

The weather is good.Its one of those days when basking outweighs a nap. He comes with a chair and sits beside me, looks at me and grins,which is good for me.He barely does.He’s grown taller and I can see strands of hair on his chin.With his puppy eyes indication of a puppy love.

So I’m going to wing dry this moment because I don’t know when it will happen next given his disposition.

“It’s love.”

My brother has found love. He says she is the best thing that has ever happened to him.The dude has never called me anything close to that!washed his reeking Nike’s shoes and all I got is a pat on the back.

You know it takes a strong woman to wash a man’s shoes. Those things smell worse than a skunk’s fart.

I’m starting to ask God whether I have a whole set of amazing siblings in Mars.

Maybe he’s the toxic person I need to cut off this new year.Then I figure he thinks I’m a relationship guru and, a nerd being hit by cupid’s arrow makes a good story, so I’ll take it.

“What is she like?”I ask.

“Her mind is beautiful. She smells like after rain. Her mother is a teacher and her dad a preacher. You know what they say about preacher’s daughters.”

“What? ”

“They are holy, inside and out.”

At this point,I think my imagination needs saving. I’m not bursting this bubble yet so I press.

“What are your plans for her?”I ask

“I want to marry her. She’s my future. We’ve agreed to both keep our grades up and go to the same college. Law school and medical school tango so we are working towards that. ”I really laugh at that.

There is no boyish swag in his words. He uses future and purpose in his sentences.

“Babies? ”I ask.

“She loves talking about them.She thinks three by thirty.Right now we are keeping ourselves pure till we put a ring on it. I got her a purity ring on Christmas.”


Mother gave this boy time off to hang out with his boys yet two youngins spent it under a palm tree whispering sweet nothings to each other.The boy is 16 and love struck!

There is a brightness in his eyes when he talks about her. You know,like how your eyes light up at the the thought of “githeri” with a twist of avocado.

Or how you’re in traffic then the driver takes that side road and you’re passing other buses, looking at them,as though you’re “Uhuru” and for a second, thinking just how good it feels to be miles ahead.


I grin at him. He’s got it all figured out already. So he thinks.A stable education, a loving girl and a bright dream.

Should I tell him? That love is a great thing and he should keep the dream?That thinking of her more than anything else is all that matters because love always wins? That love is the language that needs no weapon?

Or should I tell him that he’s too young and dumb and there’s so much he needs to learn. That loving is wrong and all that is just a fantasy of what should but might never be.

That college will happen and Ariana will have both beauty and brains. That Brian will happen.

It always has to be Brian.That Melchizedeck will not stand a chance against Bryce and Kelly because the name sounds ugly.

That when my mother finds out about them, he will not only make him cry but also make him write letters to uncles and grand uncles and the whole village will know of an ungrateful boy who wants to discredit the efforts of his hardworking mother.

I’ll tell him.

Of love and other words.Of patience and purpose, faith and personal growth,of respect and gratitude, pain and grit, betrayal and jealousy: Of a million more words that matter.

I’ll tell him that it okay to love but love, this love is way beyond romanticism. That you can love places and things and people. That thinking of how to grow more than he thinks of her is okay.That timing is everything.

I’ll tell him that he doesn’t have to rush through life because he doesn’t even know half of himself yet.To be kind and have good intentions and, three kids are too much for 30.


Most importantly,I’ll tell him the era of Nike washing is over because I won’t be standing the stench of death and yet be taken for granted this year. Issa resolution!

Folks that’s how the puppy love story ended.

Noel Cynthia

I believe in living a poetic life, an art full life. Everything we do from the way we talk,read,write,to the way we welcome our friends is part of a large canvas we are creating.

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