Why Breakfast Is Important: Making Life Better.

People keep asking why breakfast is important. They say an apple a day keeps the doctor away. To use this on us will be outrageous because first, apples are expensive. Second,we need real food in the morning. So i will sum it up by saying:

“ breakfast every morning keeps you pumped up for the day”.

Workable,right ?
Forget what romantics say about waking up next to their significant others and looking into their eyes(Is that even a thing?) There’s nothing happier than starting your morning with a plate of nicely cooked or prepared breakfast. There’s a famous saying ;Eat breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and supper like a pauper. That pretty much sums up the importance of having a good meal as you start off your day.

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This is the most written,analyzed and talked about topic when it comes to meals. Nutritionists, researchers and doctors alike have written in agreement and argument of the validity of this day starter meal.

However, in reality, we have little knowledge of what constitutes a proper breakfast. The internet isn’t helping because one breakfast article contradicts another.It is filled with research papers, articles and magazines that counter the importance of breakfast. Some argue that people should eat when they are hungry. Others think that a proper breakfast is a sorry excuse for people to get fatter and hungrier. They crown it with the fact that there is nothing celebratory about having it. It’s not as much fun as having dinner or lunch with friends and family.

As this debate continues,most of us don’t major in it and find other substitutes like working out or resorting to brunch. Brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch, killing two birds with one stone.This does not rule out the truth ; Breakfast does matter. I’ll tell you why.

Why breakfast?

morning breakfast

Firstly, people are irritable, angrier and less enthusiastic in the morning before eating. Hunger is distracting,no matter who you are. So having breakfast is not only healthy but therapeutic. It’s a better way to start the day.

Having a regular breakfast routine is essential because it reduces the risk of obesity.Skipping it leaves you susceptible to questionable eating habits such as driving to a chicken eat out thrice a day and pizza orders in the evening. It makes people binge eat, which is unhealthy. We’ve all come across people who say the would rather eat a whole table once, than have a three course meal a day. They are probably thinner or unhealthier than they should be. The more reason you need a good breakfast routine which influences other meal habits.

Moreover, extensive research from well known universities show that students who have a good meal in the morning have a high concentration span and the mental and psychological agility of 60-year olds. That’s a good thing. Simply put, breakfast makes you smarter.

A number of teachers have also reported that pupils who come to school hungry do not fare well physically and academically compared to those who come to school after having a morning meal.

Also, the morning meal is said to increase body mass index and reduce obesity. Moreover, it improves concentration and encourages healthy eating habits. Let’s not get caught up in the complex definitions of what constitutes an ideal breakfast.Whether you love an extravaganza of freshly cooked bacon,oats, fruit salad or both, keep it simple. The rule of thumb is, keep it less processed,healthy and fiber rich. Breakfast is serious business. If you’re looking for child’s play, try supper

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