Why People Lie: Great Lessons You Can Learn From It.

Liar liar pants on fire. Why people lie?

My life started with a lie. My mother was my first. From telling me that babies come from the baby store, promises of cars and visits to heaven.

My mother promised me a live horse people! The one lie that hurt the most when growing up was her leaving me behind using a very mean trick.

She would fully dress up for work and knowing that I would throw tantrums before she goes, she would tell me to go shower and dress up.

Only heaven knows how she managed to pull this trick numerous times. Mom, if you’re seeing this, news flash: I now know where babies come from. They say a fruit doesn’t fall far from the tree.

My Childhood secrets.

There is no room to pull off the ‘my lie is to small to count’ card. We have all told white or black lies in our lifetime.I can recount several lies that I’ve told, mostly in my childhood.

If you grow up in a family of six siblings and you’re in the last team, you know what I mean.

I’ve lied to cover up for my sisters with a forty shillings coin. In those days having a forty shillings coin would make you feel like you could play into the night without someone stressing you about homework, cross your legs on your mother’s favorite couch, rent your own apartment and move out.

Whoever sold the concept of swearing to kids in those days doesn’t know how many seeds of lies the phrases have planted.

Some lies had Jesus involved.

But I was young dumb and naive, Jesus forgave me, and He loves me, so take it easy on this kind soul, will you?

Lessons I’ve Learned From Why People Lie.

Truth is liberating, but there are situations that force knowingly or unknowingly force people to lie.

We have all lied in one way or another.The line between a truth and a lie is becoming murkier by the days. They all come dressed in grey. Jobs are built on lies.

Curriculum vitae reek of imaginary qualifications and skills to look appealing. Friends tell each other lies too. Ladies and men in unhappy relationships tell lies to cover horrors happening in their homes.

Countries are built on empty promises and lies. Lying has become the new normal. But why, really, do people lie?

Pathological Liars.

Some people lie because they love lying. These breeds of people are known as pathological liars.

Ever met someone who lies even when he or she doesn’t have to? That is the lot. These people lie because they draw their strength from lying. If lying gives them control over a situation, they take pride in it. Others lie because of their insecurities.

Self-Esteem Issues.

People with self-esteem issues will do whatever it takes to prove their worth and gain popularity, even if it takes a lie. They lie so that they can be loved, given attention and appreciated. They feel like telling the truth will lead to rejection.

Protecting those we love.

Another reason why people lie is to protect themselves and their loved ones. People esteem loyalty among kin that they would rather lie than get their loved ones in trouble.

No one wants a friend to embarrass or tell a truth that will taint the reputation of another. We see this even between coworkers. Often, they cover for each other to protect their jobs.

Lying has become a mechanism of getting by. People say that it takes a lie to get out of a socially awkward and alarming situations.

Ladies use lies as a coping mechanism to deal with cat callers. A lonely walk or wait at the bus stop at night will need a lie to drive away annoying people trying to hit on them.

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Emotional Roller-coasters.

The most lies people have told are emotion based. The irony of emotion-based lies is, people tell them thinking that they are protecting the people they lie to from being hurt when in turn, they make situations worse.

Emotional roller-coasters are built on lies. Leading each other on, self-centered and emotional manipulation are all a result of lies.

People lie at the expense of others emotional well beings because telling the truth will kill their ego and shrink their self-esteem to the size of a pea.

Lying makes people get away with mistakes other than being punished for telling the truth. Whether is white or black lies, logic will always try to explain and justify reasons why people lie.

Downside of Lying.

Here’s the downside of lying that they don’t tell you about: it’s exhausting! Lying makes people walk on egg shells because they must keep suppressing the truth and remembering the lie for them to not spill the beans.

Great Lessons You Can Learn From Why People Lie.

People may have a million reasons to lie, but empty lies can cost you everything.

Don’t waste a chance of speaking the truth!

Noel Cynthia

I believe in living a poetic life, an art full life. Everything we do from the way we talk,read,write,to the way we welcome our friends is part of a large canvas we are creating.

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