A world without writing would be incomplete for me. It would mean that I would have to be unhappy for the rest of my life A world without writing would be incomplete for me. It would mean that I would have to be unhappy for the rest of my life .

Writing is my way of expressing how I feel. It makes me feel fulfilled. People need to go for swimming to rejuvenate and feel fresh, but for me, writing does the trick. Writing is an art.

Once in a while after finishing up an article, I look at it and say, you are truly magnificent. Did I really create you? Then the article smiles and says…. okay, strike that. It never replies nor smiles. One day though, it will.

But the feeling that comes along with completing an article, it is indescribable. I could never find the right words to describe the feeling.

I love my articles the same way a mother loves her babies. The first article I ever did was about Valentine’s day. It is now a toddler, trying hard to get the hang of baby steps. Haha… come on. That is funny.

There are times when I have had to do away with some articles. Maybe because upon their completion, I noticed that it does not have a zing to it.

However easy I make it sound, hitting the ‘move to trash’ button is one of the most painful things ever to do. It is like one of those times when a cat kills its small kittens which aren’t likely to survive.

There are articles that I still look at with a lot of admiration. I can’t deny that the motivation to write them up was off the charts. That is most of them actually.

And since I began writing, most of you have been gracious enough to keep reading my quirky ideas, constantly complementing and proffering constructive criticism.

If anything, most of the credit belongs to you for the remarkable growth of my writing. You make it worthwhile for me to get up at 5 am in the morning to just punch down lines. Even when I have run out of my creative juices. You motivate me to search deeper. To think harder.

These are the mornings I change my writing spot and perhaps type with a glass of hot water at hand.

Well, I am under the impression that hot water does a system clean up whenever you take it. Thus, I do it with the intention of washing down any clogged thoughts that stop me from having new ones. These times are never good to me.

This one time, I got up to write down an 850-word piece for an advert and my mind just could not put two and two together.

Literally I was mad at myself. And I went all the way to town and almost hit this skimpy guy who was trying to tell me that my phone’s torch is on. I felt stupid. And betrayed because I had gone past a million people who knew me but could not tell me.


What did you guys think I was doing? Shining light to my not so bright future? Okay… Calm down, Mercy… calm down.

One thing I should have known is that it’s all normal. I should have known that there will be mornings when I’ll get up and just the sight of the blinking cursor makes me sick.

A week ago, my friend Shem asked me what my greatest fear is. And I replied:

Me; I am scared by the thought of not being able to deliver, getting to that age or stage where I cannot write. Either because my hands cannot type anymore or because my mind is less productive. (I actually got goosebumps as I typed the answer out).

Shem; At least your fears live in the distant future.
Me; Tell me about yours.

Shem; You already know it.
Me; Okay, fine. Confirm it to me.

Shem; I think dogs are out to get me.
Me; Idiot! Here I was thinking that we were having a serious talk.

Shem; It is my worst physical fear.
Me; Okay, let’s go psychological then. Something that is out of your control.

Shem; How do I put it in words? Well, I fear being unable to live up to my expectations. I also fear the future not turning out the way the dreamer in me sees it.
Me; There you go. Now that, Shem, is your worst fear. Leave dogs out of this.

Shem; Dogs can pop up anywhere, anytime.
Me; Here we go again!! You could always pick up a stone and shoo them away. They always run.

I know it is hard to believe this, but they are more scared of you than you are of them. And dogs can read emotions. If they sense fear on your side, they will capitalize on it.

Shem; Me? Stone? Throw? That is a hard pass. No, thank you!
Me; Shem. Come on.

Shem; Mercy Bor, there is flight and then there is fight. Some fears are meant to be tackled with wings. 

I thought to myself that that last line was quite smart. Be it stolen or borrowed from twitter or a movie or originally his, it was a smart line.

Thereafter, he saw some status which I had posted and began to argue about it. Which is not important, since I have passed the message. What is the message? The message is that my greatest fear has everything to do with writing.

That is how much writing means to me.

Things That Make Me Love And Hate Writing.

Writing is what makes me, me. So when I talk about mornings when I wake up and get frustrated because I am not feeling creative but have to hit deadlines, do not in the least ask yourself why I am complaining.

All I am doing is appreciating all the aspects of the thing I love doing most.

As I write, I hope to inform, empower and change ways of thinking. I hope to stir emotions, take you on that roller coaster. Make you realize how powerful words truly are.

Come to think of it, activists such as Boniface Mwangi and I are not so different. The weapon we all use is words. Just that they use their mouths to hold their weapon whereas I use my fingers. I will rephrase that. They talk, whereas I write.

And when I die, the words I want engraved on my epitaph are;



You will not hear the end of my appreciation by the way. So once again, thank you, dear fans, for making The Wordy Corner what it is.

my prayer is that someday;

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Anyway, no pressure. Ready when you are.

mercy bor

Mercy Bor is a student pursuing a Bachelors degree in Commerce at the University of Nairobi, an avid reader of books and a sarcasm enthusiast. EMAIL: mercybor@karavic.com


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